If the group is overwhelmed from the amount of men exactly who appear (752), they keep a speed-dating session

Ridgeway try sponsoring a future ladies’ possibility party and Carly enjoys the lady cardio put ongoing with a man named Nate, but after she accidentally spits in Nate’s eyes, according to him Rebecca Berkowitz already requested your. When Carly has actually hassle locating another go out to your dance, Sam advises making use of iCarly as a means of using this method, but Carly objects on the concept. After their own further tv show, Sam handcuffs Carly to a chair, duct-tapes the lady throat sealed and wants Seattle-area young men to apply are Carly’s date for the women’s possibility dancing (your camera zooms in in the gagged Carly, who cannot talk it is squealing their objection so Sam throws a plant before her). Carly insists that in retaliation for undertaking that, Sam should query Gibby toward dancing since no one else performed, but Sam gets enraged as he transforms their down.

Carly ultimately discovers a man, Austin. She delivers your on a double-date with Freddie, exactly who becomes caught with wonders Malika, a woman who’s fixated on executing magic techniques, because the guy took too long to reply to more women.

Despite are declined by Gibby dating for Religious adults, Sam would go to their house and insists on getting your on the dancing, only to discover that he already enjoys a romantic date (a girl named Tasha, who’s apparently regarding their category). He failed to like to go directly to the dance because Tasha doesn’t check-out their college, the party is girl’s choice, and they’re spending the night at their house. Sam views no point in keeping and walks out.

Following dancing, Carly, Freddie as well as their dates spend time on Groovy Smoothie, in which Malika runs techniques at Freddie’s expenditure until she realizes she actually is out past their curfew, and vanishes the woman method house. Carly prices no best together with her go out and she needs he leave after he will not allow her to state a complete phrase throughout the whole time. Hence, Carly and Freddie are left by yourself here. Freddie asks Carly to grooving, and Carly takes. They will have a slow dancing with each other from the Groovy Smoothie, which Sam walks in concerning. exits without a word with a hurt phrase on the face.


Spencer features an innovative new work out software that helps to keep heading down at various period. The guy in the course of time quits they whenever it tells him to-do sit-ups for 10 mere seconds.

Visitor Performers

  • as Nate gather as secret Malika as Gibby Gibson as T-Bo as Austin as Tasha
  • Danny Fernandez as Kevin [2]


  • The traditional name for a girl’s-choice dance was Sadie Hawkins dancing.
  • This occurrence affects both Creddie and Seddie. As a result the event is very significant.
  • Element of this occurrence is very similar to the endings of these attacks: iStakeout and iThink They Kissed
  • It was confirmed by Dan Schneider themselves that Sam ended up being envious of watching Carly and Freddie dancing together implying that she already have attitude for Freddie.
  • Here is the first major occurrence for Creddie, because it’s the very first time it really is explained that Carly may get back Freddie’s passion on her behalf.
  • The very first time we see Carly are “overpowered” by Sam-she will get handcuffed and duct taped.
  • Carly and Freddie comprise scripted to kiss, it is applied for as it interferes with potential symptoms, (iSaved lifetime). A photo of the hug can be found using the internet.
  • This episode should always be loved by both Carly/Freddie (Creddie) shippers, in addition to Sam/Freddie (Seddie) shippers, since mentioned by Dan Schneider. appears within the credit, before their first occurrence (iPsycho), as a 5-year old Gibby whom loves cheddar.