Doug Phillips has actually deceived those some one, and more than of those within the even more dastardly and you can devastating indicates than simply you

You’re not alone, Peter. You and Bob Renaud ate the brand new Kool-Assistance, but I really don’t claim that in order to slam your (I found myself a member of good cult once me). We have prayed several times to you personally both, and thus additional, one to Goodness perform repair and heal your. I also pray of these few group you to stay in BCA. Can get God send her or him.

Regardless if Doug Phillips is no longer a formal Elderly at BCA, he’s as frequently determine and you may manage here as he previously performed, and you can certainly way more than simply Bob Sarratt. Doug Phillips is the puppet master and you can Bob Sarratt remains his puppet. It is critical to learn just who Bob Sarratt is. Bob Sarratt are hands-selected to be an enthusiastic “elder” maybe not while the he in any way suits this new biblical certificates out-of work per Titus step 1:5-9 and you may step one Timothy 3. In reality, centered on scripture Bob Sarratt is actually disqualified, just as Doug Phillips are disqualified. Bob Sarratt is actually disqualified while the he’s perhaps not “apt to show” (step 1 Tim step 3:2). Doug Phillips is disqualified just like the they are not the brand new partner off one to spouse (1 Tim step three:2). ”

Doug Phillips supported given that sole older of BCA to own within least five years, though he was seem to heard to state, “We feel inside the good plurality regarding parents.” Whenever asked following why was the guy really the only senior, Doug do reply, “Once i come across a person one will abide by myself a hundred%, he is able to become an elderly.” If there have been a yes-man Bob Sarratt try your. Also a long time before Bob Sarratt turned an elderly, and you may when you look at the entire go out that he is good deacon, he come for each Week-end provider by going up for the pulpit and you will announcing, “We believe within the a beneficial plurality off parents.” Of course this is every theatrics. Actually Doug Phillips stepping off while the a senior into the turned-out in order to end up being nothing but theatrics, and you can certainly it wasn’t driven by one genuine repentance. In reality his cover facts are which he is stepping off to pay additional time along with his family.

He including fails this new assessment from: “a lot more than reproach, dedicated in order to his wife, self-managed, recognized, not criminal but gentle, perhaps not quarrelsome, perhaps not a partner of money

It’s incredibly important knowing the fresh “zero rumors” code at the BCA and you can Eyes Forum, and how wide ranging the brand new dictate out of Doug Phillips’ “zero rumors” rule enjoys stretched. Doug Phillips provides railed up against thus-entitled gossipers for a long time, and rumors try any type of Doug Phillips represent it to be. As Doug Phillips features often told you, “The guy whom represent the brand new conditions gains”, and exactly how Doug describes gossip is by equating rumors having a violation of the 9th Commandment. This is quite typical regarding how Doug Phillips twists and you can distorts sacred scripture having his or her own agenda. So you’re able Sport Dating App kostenlos to Doug Phillips hearsay is whatever individuals claims from the your, or around their family relations, that he doesn’t for example. It can make no difference so you can your perhaps the something said in the him is actually correct and you will already public record information. Say some thing regarding Doug Phillips he wants, although it is simply done lies and you can fabrications (so there was in fact a great amount of his sycophants who’ve over very to pass through their huge ego), but that’s maybe not rumors. ”

But state something true on the Doug which he cannot like and it’s not just simply hearsay, it’s “sinful gossip” or perhaps the “horrific sin off gossip

Throughout the religious sociological cult globe that’s Boerne Religious Set up you’ll find partners sins that are because the grave while the sin from hearsay. Marital cheating are comparatively small and will be easily secure up having months and you will age at a time, and I am not saying only talking about only Doug’s unfaithfulness. In the 2004 a great 17 yr old BCA lady got pregnant*. She are forced to admit and repent through to the entire church of the Elderly Doug Phillips and you can Deacon Bob Sarratt. Yet not, the fresh new label of kid just who impregnated the girl was kept a secret and simply for the data of some trick guys. Cheating could have been many times swept underneath the BCA carpet, as it is and obviously confirmed by the proven fact that Jennifer Billings Grady remains an active affiliate at Boerne Religious Set-up.