Giganet: Building the Backbone of Your Digital Success

In today’s data-driven world, your network infrastructure is the lifeblood of your organization. Eurotel Business System understands the critical role reliable and efficient data transmission plays in modern business operations. We are a leading provider of high-quality network infrastructure solutions around Bangladesh. Our experts are dedicated to equipping your data centers, smart buildings, and offices with the foundation for success.

Unveiling Our Infrastructure Expertise

  • Copper & Fiber Systems: We offer a comprehensive range of copper and fiber optic cabling systems designed to meet your diverse needs. Our experts will ensure suitable, optimal data transmission speed and reliable solutions.
  • Racks & Cabinets: From housing critical servers to organizing network equipment, Giga-net’s robust and secure racks and cabinets provide the perfect solution for efficient space utilization and optimal equipment performance.
  • Work Area & Face Plates: We offer an extensive variety of Work Area and Face Plates to facilitate seamless and secure connections at workstations, ensuring smooth data access for your employees.
  • Power Systems: Maintaining uptime is crucial. We offer Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and other power solutions to safeguard your critical IT equipment from disruptive power outages, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.

Beyond Products: Delivering Expertise

At Eurotel Business System, we go beyond simply supplying high-quality products. We are your trusted partner, offering comprehensive services to ensure your network infrastructure functions flawlessly:



Expert Consultation

Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and recommend the most appropriate solutions to optimize your network performance.


Seamless Implementation

We handle the entire process, from pre-sales support and product selection to installation and configuration,
minimizing disruption to your


Dedicated Support

Our ongoing commitment to your success is reflected in our dedicated support team. They are readily available to address any concerns you may have and ensure your network runs smoothly.

Why Choose Giganet with Eurotel?

In today’s digital age, a robust and reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, connecting with colleagues, or managing your business, a strong internet backbone is essential. That’s where Giga-net steps in, offering a variety of solutions to empower individuals and businesses alike with the power of high-speed, reliable internet connectivity.

  • NIncreased Speed
  • NReduced Latency
  • NStrong and Reliable Foundation
  • NSupport for Multiple Devices
  • NOptimal Performace
  • NFaster Cloud Access

FAQs for Giganet Solutions

Why is network infrastructure important for businesses?

In today’s data-driven world, a reliable and efficient network infrastructure is essential for transmitting data and ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

What network infrastructure solutions does Giganet offer?

Giganet offers a range of solutions including copper and fiber optic cabling systems, racks and cabinets, work area and face plates, and power systems (including UPS).

How can Giganet help your business?

Giganet can help you build a strong foundation for your digital success by providing the necessary infrastructure for efficient data transmission and optimal network performance.

What types of cabling systems does Giganet offer?

Giganet offers both copper and fiber optic cabling systems to meet your network’s diverse needs.

What are the benefits of using Giganet's racks and cabinets?

Giganet’s racks and cabinets are secure and robust, offering efficient space utilization and optimal performance for your critical IT equipment.

How do Work Areas and Face Plates help your business?

Work Area and Face Plates from Giganet facilitate seamless and secure connections at workstations, ensuring smooth data access for your employees.

What power solutions does Giganet offer?

Giganet offers UPS systems and other power solutions to safeguard your equipment from power outages and guarantee uninterrupted operations.

Your Reliable Partner for Communication Technology, IT, Electrical, and Electronic Solutions

Partner with Eurotel Business System today. Let’s build a robust and reliable foundation for your digital success. Eurotel boasts a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services. Our commitment to providing the best service and support makes us a reliable partner for all your communication technology, IT, electrical, and electronic needs.

If you seek a one-stop shop for comprehensive solutions, Eurotel is the company of choice for businesses navigating the digital age. Just dial 01885550466 for the comprehensive solution. You can also contact us online for your specific needs around Bangladesh.