Get Authentic Security for Your Data with ALE

We all know that nowadays, securing data is very important to ensure proper privacy and security. That’s why Eurotel Business System provides a complete Smart City Solution: Internet, Cable Dish/IP TV, and Telephony. Eurotel is a local partner of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, which is dedicated to ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of digital interactions with industry-standard regulations. We provide comprehensive business support, including secure IoT connectivity, policy management, communication and collaboration applications, and workflow automation. And help to reduce risks associated with Bring Your Device (BYOD), IoT, shadow IT, and cloud solutions.

We Strengthen The Security of Your Data

Eurotel Business System, founded in 2006 and partnering with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, offers a four-step privacy-by-design approach to build and maintain an efficient and legally compliant digital infrastructure. This approach allows control over data, devices, and shared online services, ensuring legal compliance.

  • Understand data cartography and processing.
  • Study the impact on the company and its ecosystem.
  • Adopt the latest digital trust standards for compliance.
  • Combine key factors for successful implementation.
  • Build a secure infrastructure using a zero-trust approach.
  • Ensure continuous security with a trusted technical partner.
  • Ensure long-term compliance with regulations and standards through built-in security and flexible models.

How does ALE Help to Maintain a Digital Reputation?

ALE assists organizations in preserving their digital reputation by addressing all aspects of the digital environment, including digital interactions. ALE is a reliable partner of the Eurotel Business System and helps sectors like government, defense, healthcare, education, banking, and insurance build digital trust through mission-critical communications, from ground to cloud.

ALE: Trusted Partner for Communication Technology

Eurotel Business System offers a solution to hinder business growth by partnering with industry-leading solutions like Giga-Net, including ALE. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can unlock the full potential of their data and communication systems. Contact Eurotel Business System at 01885550466 or contact us online for more suggestions. Act now for a better and more relaxing data system.