Call Center solution

July 31, 2016


Alcatel-Lucent Call Center Office is designed for small enterprises, running on OmniPCX™ Office Rich Communication Edition for robust and reliable performance.

Call Center Office is a phone response solution that improves call handling, offers a company greeting, reporting, statistics and more services. Call Center Office greets callers with a professional welcome and then routes calls to the agent with the most relevant skills in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency.

This simple, all-in-one solution can enhance customer relationship management and can be scaled up or down to match a small to medium company’s needs. Improving phone response times becomes easy as inbound call flows can be monitored and anticipated using Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).


  • A single switchboard number and answerphone feature thanks to integration withAlcatel-Lucent OmniPCX™ Office RCE
  • Better processing of incoming calls, so more calls can be handled with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Agents are more efficient using the easy-to-understand intuitive graphical user interfaces which make installation, configuration and everyday operation simpler
  • Ultimate control: real-time monitoring and supervisor overview into service levels and traffic, with the ability to plan and monitor incoming call flow


  • Automatic call routing allows caller identification, direct dialing identification, automated attendant
  • Automatic Call Distribution allows calls to be automatically routed based on rotating priority, fixed priority, or longest idle time
  • Waiting queue management with up to eight groups and 32 active agents, with six customized messages per group and the ability to handle priority VIP calls using Visual Queue Control
  • Automatic agent connection upon time-out
  • Agent Assistant: user-friendly facilities to increase agents’ quality of welcome and performance
  • Supervisor console with real-time traffic statistics and group/agent performance analysis; up to eight supervisors and three presentation modes
  • Statistics Manager program handles post-processing of traffic, call information and Quality of Service